Super Klassy Dads Get Into Slap Fight At Child’s Performance…And There Was Spitting

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dad slap fight


There’s no rage like parent rage. Two dads from Cape Girardeau, Missouri were issued summonses for disturbing the peace after an altercation Tuesday night at their kid’s performance. Their kindergartner’s performance. Let that sink in.

The fathers were Kevin Alexander, age 38 , and Ryan Steck, age 36. The fight occurred around 6:30 pm at Alma Schrader Elementary, according to Cape Giradeau Police Department public information officer Darin Hickey. Apparently Steck and Alexander started arguing and that eventually led to pushing and shoving, as a screaming match is wont to do. Remember, this was going on at a performance for 5-year-olds, presumably. Thankfully two off-duty cops were also there, as parents attending their kid’s show, and laid down the damn law. According to the off-duty police the fight was between a step-dad and a bio-dad of a kid in the program. #Klassy

In the Southeast Missourian article, Alexander claimed that he was only reacting to Steck yanking his stepdaughter out of his hands. He also said that this fight was “a long time coming,” which seems pretty obvious to me. This is where is goes from Klassy to UBER Klassy, because according to Alexander, Steck ALSO backhanded him and spat in his face. AT A KINDERGARTEN SHOW. Apparently it was just a free for all after that. I like to picture a down and out slap fight, personally. Alexander went on to say, ironically:

“The worst part about it was it was in an elementary school around a bunch of kids.”

For what its worth, Steck claims that he never laid a hand on Alexander and didn’t spit on him. Because off duty cops just arrest people for no reason, apparently. He supposedly just “blew air through his mouth.” WUT? I just can’t…