Dad Accused Of Being ‘Wholly Incapable’ Of Caring For Son For Truly Dumb Reason

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185747037__1383945969_142.196.167.223A New York father has been accused of being “wholly incapable” of caring for his son after he didn’t give into his “I want McDonald’s” tantrum. Who deemed him incapable? A court-appointed psychologist.

Here’s what happened; 4-year-old wants to eat at McDonald’s. Father says no. 4-year-old throws fit. Father gives 4-year-old choice of another restaurant or no dinner at all. Stubborn 4-year-old chooses no dinner at all. Is anyone surprised by this? I’m not. My kid is stubborn as heck and would probably do the same thing.

David Schorr said his son had been eating too much junk food and he had to draw the line. He accuses his wife, Bari Yunis, of constantly giving into his son’s demands and undermining his authority. Yunis is pissed that her son was returned to her hungry. Schorr is filing a defamation suit against the psychologist who made the claim. Schorr and Yunis are in a heated custody battle – I guess that is pretty clear.

Okay – this is just silly. 4-year-olds throw tantrums all the time, and you can’t always give in. I’m with Schorr who doesn’t want to reward bad behavior. That the mother felt compelled to report to a psychologist about this situation is a little extreme; “The mom then alerted psychologist Marilyn Schiller, who reported the “incident” to the judge and recommended that Schorr’s visitation time be reduced after questioning the dad.”

Ugh. This is why I hate marriage and people. Okay, I don’t hate marriage and people, but how do things like this happen? How do you go from liking someone enough to marry them and reproduce, to hating them so much that you have to fight through lawyers, make stupid accusations and are unable to agree on the smallest details of parenting?

Schorr, who is separated from his wife and in the middle of a nasty custody battle, told The Daily News he usually takes his son the Corner Cafe and Bakery on 3rd Ave. and 92nd St. and is “kicking myself mightily” now for getting into a standoff with his son.

“I wish I had taken him to McDonald’s, but you get nervous about rewarding bad behavior,” he said. “I think it was a 1950s’ equivalent of sending your child to bed without dinner. That’s maybe the worst thing you can say about it.”

Yunis won’t comment – so to be fair this is only one side of the story.

Divorce sucks.

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