Child Abuse

Dad Poses As Pre-Teen Daughter Online To Catch A Predator, Also Needs To Catch This High Five

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dad poses as daughter to catch predatorWell, here’s a good reason to pay attention to how the kids talk these days: a father in Canada led the police to a man who was sending sexually explicit messages to his twelve-year-old daughter, by pretending to be her in their online chats.

Cliff Ford from Toronto (AKA Deserver Of All The High Fives) discovered the inappropriate emails because he has his children’s email and social media accounts linked to his phone so that he can monitor them. Guess who will now 100% be doing that when her kids are old enough to be online? This mama right here.

One day Ford was scrolling through his twelve-year-old daughter’s email when he saw a subject heading that said, “Hey sexy.” This, understandably, raised an eyebrow from old Cliff. It turned out that the email was from someone his daughter met in a chat room and who she believed was her age. Ford took over email correspondence with the account, pretending to be his daughter to see how much information he could get out of the other person. Fuck yeah, Cliff. Let’s get the Mission Impossible theme song playing, learn words like “totes” and “adorbs,” and take this motherfucker down.

For the next three days, Ford emailed back and forth with who he later learned was a 30-year-old man named Nicholas Bowers, who lived near Akron, Ohio. During those three days, the emails became progressively more sexual. From CBC News:

Bowers’ wrote things like, “I want to hold you and kiss you,” and, “It turns me on a lot now knowing you are 12.”


One morning, Bowers sent an email with an attachment.  It was a video, intended for Ford’s daughter, which showed Bowers masturbating.

God. Damn. It.

In their emails, Ford was able to get not just the man’s name, but also the kind of car he drove and his address, all of which he then turned in to police. The Canadian police gave that information to the FBI, who arrested Bowers in January. What’s more, it turned out that Ford saved more than his daughter — Bowers was discovered to be a member of an international pedophile ring that trades images and videos of children online. Last week he was sentenced to more than twenty years in prison.

Here’s what I learned from this story: first, that sometimes the good guys win; second that I will monitor my children’s emails forever; and third that I need to keep up with how the kids talk so that if I ever need to go 21Jump Street on some pervert I will be ready to go. Also, I need to figure out how to send a free drink to Toronto.

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