Dad Of The Year Laughs As Son Flies Face First Into A Tree (And You Will Too)

dad of the year

I know I’m totally going to get flamed for this, but I can’t help but share. This New Zealand father is definitely not going to be nominated for Dad Of The Year, but I think his reaction is pretty priceless.

The clip, which has been watched over 400,000 times on YouTube, shows a boy of maybe three or four-years-old riding a wee little bike down a sloping hill, eventually crashing head first into a small tree.

Of course, the Internet being what it is, commenters have gone apeshit on the guy, even though the kid wasn’t going very fast, and was clearly not hurt at the end of the 22 second video. And to be fair, dad did warn him.

Obviously, you don’t want your first reaction to be uproarious laughter when your kid falls face-first into a tree. But come on, I think we’ve all been there.

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