Dumbest Dad On The Planet Gives 11-Year-Old Daughter A Gun To Protect Herself During His Absence

dad-leaves-daughter-with-gunJohn Ruiz, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, really wanted to leave his 11-year-old daughter home alone so he could run out and get a tattoo on his head real quick. Most parents would just realize an 11-year-old was competent enough to take care of herself for a few hours. Not this one! He decided it would be a great idea to leave a loaded pistol with her for “protection.” She took his words to heart, and carried the gun with her to her local pool. You can just never be too safe, after all. Especially when your father is a paranoid gun owner who instructs you to use a loaded weapon to protect yourself. Ruiz has been charged with child endangerment.

A nervous neighbor called officers after spotting the girl carrying the weapon around at the swimming pool in the complex where they lived. “You never know what could happen if that gun would’ve gone off,” the neighbor said. The girl told investigators her dad usually keeps his gun on the counter or under his pillow “in case someone breaks in.”

Ruiz left his daughter alone to go get a tattoo on his head. The tattoo reads, “In God I Trust.” Hmm. If you trust God so much, why leave your 11-year-old with a loaded gun? During the day. Which she in turn brought to the pool. I have no words for this brand of stupid.

Ruiz was released after posting the $15,000 bond. Ruiz told reporters outside the courthouse, “I made a mistake that I left a weapon unlocked.” Yeah – you also told your daughter to use it. No words. ”You guys don’t know about harassment or anything else,” Ruiz told KOB TV. ”We’re good people, I don’t know what to tell you. I made a mistake, that’s it.”

Ruiz claims the 11-year-old knows how to use the gun and he tells her not to take it from the house. Only this wasn’t the first time she took the loaded gun out of the house – and he knew that.

Glad no one was hurt. I think we can all agree Ruiz wins Idiot Of The Week award.

(photo: NewsMSN)

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