Best Ride To School Ever: Dad Leads Kids In ‘Wayne’s World’ Style ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

When I was a little girl, car rides to school were generally quite musical — and of my choosing. I’m my father’s daughter, so this means Rolling Stones, Zeppelin, and some Fleetwood Mac. But as fond as those memories are of singing Stevie Nicks at stopped lights, they don’t seem to compare to this dad who launches his kids in a full on “Bohemian Rhapsody” rendition on the way to school.

[youtube_iframe id=”lU-Uwl7AZ7o”]

Even the baby in the back puts his hands in the air during the famous climax of the song, the blinker eventually ticking softly as the song concludes. The moment of father/child playfulness clearly echoes the memorable opening scene from Wayne’s World, in which Mike Myers, Dana Carvey and company get their heads banging.  But, let it be known that replacing 1990s burnouts with children adds an infinitely more cute effect.

[youtube_iframe id=”VzUU7SRRsGo”]

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