Kids’ Doodles Plus Dad’s Coloring Equals The Most Amazing Artwork You’ll See Today

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So, how do Giovannitti’s kids feel about all the attention their artwork is getting? In a brief exchange this morning, they told Mommyish they couldn’t be more thrilled with responses.

“It’s amazing,” says Sofia, whose latest drawings will be posted later today.

Her brother, Freddie, threw a fist in the air while adding, “I love it!”

In addition to selling prints of his own kids’ art, the Coolaborations shop also features the option to have Fred work his unique brand of magic on your children’s drawings. He writes in the shop info:

I use scans of your child’s drawings and colorize them on heavy stock 8.5″x11″ acid-free paper, suitable for framing. You will receive the finished product within 2-3 weeks! Sometimes much earlier!

Everything about this makes me completely giddy. The kids’ artwork is already charming and otherworldly, but the life Fred gives to these drawings through his use of color is absolutely awe-inspiring. I would love to have any and all of these hanging in my home.


There are a lot of ways to memorialize childhood. Some people keep detailed scrapbooks, some make quilts, some take a million photos and home videos. Taking a child’s artwork and turning it into a keepsake for the whole family to treasure forever is by far one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen. I can’t think of a better way to capture the inherent whimsy and imagination that comes with being a kid.

(Photos: Fred Giovannitti / Coolaborations)

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