10 Ridiculously Adorable Things To Show Your Kids On A Mind-Numbing Snow Day

451862391We are having another snow day today, and if you are in the path of Winter Storm Janusâ„¢ you may be too. I don’t know how it is in your house, but when my kids are off of school they always expect me to show them absurdly adorable things on the Internet. I consider myself an expert of CUTE, and you probably are too, so feel free to share your own cuteness in the comments. Maybe if we all overload our kids on the cute they will then go play quietly alone for a whopping 15 minutes.

1: A Kitten”¦ With A Crown 

(Image: Cutestuff.com)
(Image: Cutestuff.com)

 2: This Hamster Having Lunch 

Image: tumblr)
Image: tumblr)

 3: This Parrot Rocking Out 

[youtube_iframe id=”uguXNL93fWg”]
I have never seen this before and my sister sent it to me. I’m sorry, but this parrot is pretty much the best but no, your kid can’t have one because parrots cost like a gazillion dollars. And you will be the one cleaning up the cage.

4:This Boston Terrier In Socks 

 5: This Cuddle Rat Party 

(Image: amazing central)

6: This Deer And This Cat

7: These Puppies 

8: This Polar Bear Cub Taking Its First Steps 

[youtube_iframe id=”OkfEChXa2V0″]
9: This Fox 

(Image: Attack of the cute)
(Image: Attack of the cute)

10: This Cat Cleaning This Baby

[youtube_iframe id=”S90l7wx9j-0″]

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