Cruel Christmas Trick: Mom Pranks Son With Books Inside PS4 Box


A viral video has parents divided on if a mother went too far while pranking her son with a fake-out on the gift he’d been begging for.

In the video, you can see a preteen boy (later referred to as “Marcus”) reduced to shrieks when someone comes in carrying a big PlayStation4 box. As he begins kissing and licking the cardboard box, you can hear the voice behind the camera say, “Open it up!” When Marcus does, he realizes that the box is full of notebooks and folders. Onlookers in the room begin to laugh and he stares sadly and silently into the box full of books. Another woman eventually enters the room with a gift bag, helps Marcus unwrap yet another PS4 box and — sure enough — this is the gift he was begging for.


Though the video recently went viral when someone posted it to Twitter on Christmas day, saying, “I can’t wait to do sh*t like this to my kids on Christmas,” the original video is from October 2017 and it was a prank on Marcus’s birthday! Still, those who hadn’t seen the OG video began a conversation on what’s too cruel when it comes to pranking your sons and daughters.

This isn’t the only “cruel Christmas prank” that went viral this holiday season. In the ‘relationships’ subreddit, a woman said her boyfriend gave her a ring box on Christmas and inside it said, “haha you thought.” She asked “Would anyone else take this lightly?” and the responses were resounding “no!”s.

What’s the line when it comes to Christmas day pranks? Let us know in the comments below!

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