Store Defends Carrying Crotchless Thongs For Girls By Saying They Also Cater To Teens

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Thong polka dotErin French, a mother in Colorado, recently went shopping with her children at the Greeley Mall when she walked into a store called Kids N Teen. While perusing princess dresses and stuffed animal backpacks, the mother came upon a crotchless thong sized for little girls.

The mother quickly filmed a video with her phone and went to the media, which immediately resulted in Kids N Teen pulling the panties from the store. They quickly defended their merchandise however by saying that they also provide clothing for teenagers — as if a 13 year old picking out crotchless thongs for herself is completely appropriate. How desensitized are people getting towards the sexualization of children that a seventh grader picking out such garments is an acceptable line of reasoning?

I’m pleased to see that parents like Erin are not keeping such irksome moments to themselves and bringing crotchless thongs and lingerie for four year olds to the public’s attention. Creating a bigger conversation around these issues in which companies, advertisers, and retailers are held responsible for their products lets everyone know that parents aren’t just willing to throw down money for every padded bra their kids find while shopping for sundresses.

Kids N Teen also added that they are only two weeks old and are still figuring out what merchandise they’d like to carry. How crotchless thongs for seven year olds or 14 year olds ended up on their trial run list, we’ll never know.

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