Mom Posts Picture of Totally Creepy Onesie and No One Is About It

When you think of onesies, you think of cute little outfits with baby animals or saccharine-sweet sayings, right? You might think pastels and bows or prints of miniature cars and boats. Or maybe you like dressing your kiddo like a mini-you. I know my son has owned pint-sized versions of my own Nirvana and Sublime t-shirts, plus sports team gear like his dad. Rest assured, the one thing you don’t want your kid to wear is something about, well, sex. Wait, what? A mom recently posted a pic of a totally creepy onesie about mommy having wanted a back rub (hint, hint), and no one is buying it.

User Jarhead123 first posted a pic of the cringe-worthy baby onesie on Mumsnet, a forum for parents. And it wasn’t long before many other users began commenting on just how bizarre the design was. See for yourself:

Image via Mumsnet
Mumsnet / Jarhead123

So basically, the onesie tells you a few things. One is that the baby was definitely not planned (and hey, at least half of all babies aren’t, but do we really need to advertise that?) The other is that mom certainly was not in the mood when her partner decided to take things a step further. Promoting rape culture much? Maybe. Or maybe it’s all just one big joke. Still, it’s rubbing lots of parents the wrong way, and I can’t really blame them. Out of all the onesie designs in the world (and holy hell are there a lot of them), this is probably one of the last ones I’d pick out, along with maybe the ones about girls not being good at math or the ones about a boy being a “ladies’ man,” as though that were appropriate.

One user suggested writing “a letter of complaint” to the makers of the distasteful outfit. Another user on the forum said, “there are plenty of these on the market and seem to make the news every now and then, a lot of it is done for media attention and I also because there are probably parents who have this sense of humor, it’s almost as bad as the padded bikinis for kids a few years ago.”


A few also mentioned other equally offensive onesies:

Image via Mumsnet
Image via Mumsnet

Yikes. Well, at the very least, I don’t think this onesie will be flying off the rack anytime soon, which may inspire its makers to think a little longer next time they design something.


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