Do You Have A ‘Kid’s Zone’ In Your House? I Do, It’s My Basement, It Smells Like Urine

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Creating Kids Playroom New Design TrendFox News is making me feel like a terrible parent today which is totally unfair because when I usually watch Fox or read their website it makes me feel like a totally awesome parent because they tend to feature only really terrible parents. But noooo, not this time, because they are featuring parents who make their children amazing Kid’s Zone areas in their houses that feature basketball courts or DJ booths or indoor slides. I have a Kid’s Zone in my house. It’s a large finished basement but it smells like cat urine because it’s where we keep the litter box and it has an extremely frightening sauna that we have never turned on but it’s cedar so I’m using it as a storage room for bedding and curtains. Other features of my Kid’s Zone? Stained beige carpeting, a saggy sectional sofa covered in dog hair with bonus chip crumbs in the cushions, and an old TV with a first generation XBox hooked up to it. Yay! PARTY! From Fox News:

Forget about man caves. The new trend in home renovation is creating kid zones to entertain children at home.

Parents are increasingly creating functional spaces that can include enhancements like a slide, lounge chairs, or movie screen to provide a safe, fun place for their kids at home.

Chris Pollack, president of New York-based real estate investment firm Pollack + Partnersrecently installed a children’s playground equipped with slides and swings inside a client’s vacation home. An architect who deals exclusively with high-end clients, he is also currently adjoining two townhouses for a client who has reserved one entire floor for the kids that includes a ping pong table, movie studio and a gym.


Yes, it’s a totally badass idea and I would love to have some super cool area in my house that would make my children never want to venture outside or go to parties where they have drugs or underage drinking or other kids who may possibly have head lice but damnit, I don’t even have my backsplash completed on my kitchen yet and all of these awesome things like Kid’s Zones take money money money. I know it doesn’t have to take a lot of money, just some craftiness and imagination (both of which I have little of) and I always see photos on the dreaded Pinterest which make me think, Hey, I could do that:



But I never end up actually doing it because I don’t know how to do things, money, and there is TV to watch.

Safety concerns are the main driver for parents who want to keep their children inside in a more-controlled environment, claims anthropologist Anthony Graesch, assistant professor of anthropology at Connecticut College.

For me it isn’t a safety concern, because I have zero issues throwing my kids outside and refusing to let them back in the house when the weather is nice, it’s more of wanting to create a magical place for them to read and play games and do crafts and get the hell out of my main living areas. But none of this will happen until I win the lottery, or else learn how to use a glue gun.

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