These Are The Most Hilariously Crappy Wedding Cakes Of All Time

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We’re not professional bakers, but we’re guessing the cake shouldn’t be cracking like that.

Image: Instagram/@shortansweet101

People who don’t know or understand cake and cake decorating might not understand that there’s a BIG difference between a baker who knows what they’re doing, and one who does … not. There are some things in life you just shouldn’t try to cut corners on, and judging by some of these crappy wedding cakes, cake is one of them! That’s not to say an expensive cake can’t be crap, or a cheap cake can’t be amazing. But in most cases, you get what you pay for, and we have a feeling this couple did not pay for a lumpy cake with cracked fondant that was collapsing in on itself. Thank goodness for rescue cake artists who can save the day!

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