These Are The Most Hilariously Crappy Wedding Cakes Of All Time

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Oooooh, so close!

Image: Instagram/@lrobinson626

This is one of those crappy wedding cakes that tried so hard to be a good wedding cake! The inspiration picture is cute, and we can totally see where this baker or cake designer was trying to actually make it. But close only counts in horseshoes. Which, incidentally, is what should be thrown at this cake to put it out of its misery. The black design is sort of … there? Not right, but it’s there. Points for showing up to the big game, guys! A tilted tier cake like this should only be handled by professionals, and if the person who made this tries to sell themselves as some sort of professional, they are sadly mistaken.

It can be stressful when something goes wrong with your wedding! But we hope the recipients of these crappy wedding cakes can at least look back and laugh at them now.

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