These Are The Most Hilariously Crappy Wedding Cakes Of All Time

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Like Jaba the Hut, but make it cake.

Image: Instagram/@cakewrecks

How do you even have the goddamn nerve to try and pull this off as a wedding cake? It barely resembles actual food. This is just a mound of some sort of pastry, covered in what appears to be fondant but could be toothpaste, and garnished with dead-looking pieces of wilted lettuce. This is not a cake. This is someone’s nightmare come to life. If cakes could make sounds, this one would say, “BLUUUUUUUURGHHHH” and then probably belch and scratch itself. Some of these crappy wedding cakes are pretty bad, but at least they resembled actual cakes. This just looks like a pile of dog poo that’s been in the backyard too long so it’s bleached white by the sun.

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