These Are The Most Hilariously Crappy Wedding Cakes Of All Time

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Just tilt your head, it’s fine. IT’S FINE.

Image: Instagram/@jibztv

This is one of those crappy wedding cakes that actually gives us anxiety, LOL. Because it’s not all the way crappy, not yet. In fact, we’re pretty sure this cake was, at one point in the evening, extremely pretty! But then, little by little, things started to … shift. The slide is almost imperceptible at first. Could be your eyes playing tricks on you, or too many glasses of champagne. But then it keeps on slippin’ and slidin’, and pretty soon, you realize your beautiful wedding cake it about to become an absolute cake fail. You see this cake, and you immediately move the cutting to the beginning of the reception, dinner be damned. Cut it now or eat it off the floor.

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