Why Are We Letting Grown Men Discuss 17-Year-Old Courtney Stodden’s Breasts?

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Courtney Stodden taped a segment with Dr. Drew that will hit the television waves today in which  the 17-year-old received an ultrasound on her breasts. Prompted by her, or perhaps her momager’s, insistence that the teen has not had any cosmetic work done, Courtney lies down in room full of “doctors” and adult onlookers to have her breasts probed. What is wrong with this picture?

Given the nasty attacks on young Courtney and her appearance, it’s worth repeating that she is a teenager — a young teenager who is legally underage. Criticisms on her adult-looking appearance have prompted the most grotesque behavior by so-called adults who are now culturally allowed to comment on and study the figure of a young girl — and this latest mission to “prove” Courtney’s breasts ranks just as high.

Although there was noted speculation about Courtney’s age, she still functions in the media as a young girl. Yet, we’re giving grown men permission to speculate over her breasts with an ultrasound and a watchful audience of adults a free pass, why exactly? Because she ran around a pumpkin patch is a risque outfit? Because it was difficult to discern whether her Halloween costume was in fact a costume at all?

Being young, ridiculous, and having the misfortune of landing into the arms of neglectful fame-hungry parents doesn’t make this type of program viewing acceptable. Just because the kid is clearly vulgar doesn’t mean she in any deserves this type of voyeuristic prodding by adults of all people. Any distaste for Courtney and her behavior should be directly firmly at her parents. The Stoddens have clearly been turning the other way for years as their daughter has been sexualized from the age of 11 or 12. And while I’m certain a mountain of paperwork has to be signed to even pull off this video segment given her age, it’s evident that Courtney’s parents saw no issue in signing it.

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