Courtney Stodden: How Would You Feel About Your Daughter’s Husband Being Her ‘College’ ?

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Sixteen-year-old Courtney Stodden has been making the TV rounds with her 51-year-old husband Doug Hutchison discussing the details of their relationship. In a recent sit down with Father Albert, Courtney was asked about her plans for college in which she responded that her husband was “her college.” Hoping for your daughter to eventually have a caring and respectful life-long partner is something many parents would want, but should that compromise her education?

Courtney’s career objectives to be a singer and an entertainer obviously make her career path a little different, but both she and her husband’s comments raise significant questions about how love should be factored into a young woman’s trajectory. Understanding the world through simply one person’s experience, regardless of they are one’s “soul mate” or not, still presents a limited worldview to any young mind. The point of college, should your children be able to attend, is to give them the opportunity to sift through various ideologies, theories, philosophies, and points of view. Exposure to cultures, histories, and works of art that she might not otherwise encounter through her own upbringing or her own family gives her the autonomy to make informed choices about what she will choose to believe in her adult life.

A husband or partner may undoubtedly provide her the love and support that many parents wish for their children, but a “college” of one risks robing her of her independence to think.

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