Underage Bride Expert Courtney Stodden Says Ariel Winter Should Marry That Older Hypothetical Boyfriend

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courtney stoddenCourtney Stodden, a young lady who is quite familiar with the scrutiny of dating an older man– and therefore manipulating the shock factor into a boatload of press — has some advice for 14-year-old Ariel Winter. After Ariel’s mother, Chrystal Workman, flung around some sketchy accusations that the Modern Family actress was sleeping with an older boyfriend, the paparazzi no doubt sought out the opinion of our go-to child bride expert. The 18-year-old admits that she barely even knows who Ariel Winter is, but she’s quick to advocate the natural next step for the couple. Marriage! Because if you’re an underage lady with an older beau, the least you should get out of it is some big splashy headlines and nice jewelry. Take Courtney as an authority on this one.

Radar Online caught up with Courtney and her husband Doug Hutchison as they were standing around in their finery (like they do). After being brought up to speed on the highlights of the Modern Family scandal, Stodden maintained that all was fine as long as there was one crucial element:

“I think it’s awesome!  As long as they’re in love, I think it’s awesome,” Courtney said with great enthusiasm. “And get married!”

I would advocate consent laws over diamonds, Courtney. But I suspect that’s just a fundamental difference between you and I.