Dear Courtney Love, ‘Mommy Loves You’ Can’t Cure Everything

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Courtney Love Frances Bean CobainLet’s all send some warm fuzzy feelings to Frances Bean Cobain. I would imagine that she could use a little positive energy at the moment.

As we covered earlier this week, Courtney Love made some exceedingly disturbing allegations during a Twitter tirade against former Nirvana drummer and current Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. Love asserted that Grohl had a sexual relationship at Bean at some point in time.

Unsurprisingly, Grohl’s publicist were quick to dismiss the allegations. And given Courtney’s lack of credibility, the story might have ended there. I don’t know anyone who believes the woman’s frequent rants. But this particular accusation seemed to be a bit too much for Frances Bean, who normally tries to stay away from the limelight, especially where her mother is concerned.

Bean issued a statement saying:

While I’m generally silent on the affairs of my biological mother, her recent tirade has taken a gross turn. I have never been approached by Dave Grohl in more than a platonic way. I’m in a monogamous relationship and very happy.

Twitter should ban my mother.

Except Twitter didn’t ban Courtney Love, no matter how reasonable the request really was. And now, Love is back and trying to apologize to her daughter. Gossip Cop reports that the troubled singer tweeted, “Bean, sorry I believed the gossip. Mommy loves you!”

For some reason, that last statement feels more like an insult than an apology. Frances Bean is not an toddler who bumped her knee or a tween girl suffering through early heartbreak. She has proven time and again that she’s a mature young woman who has been put through hell by her mother’s irresponsibility and selfishness.

“Mommy loves you” is possibly the most infantalizing expression of endearment that Love could’ve chosen. I’m not saying that she puts this much thought and introspection into her syntax on Twitter, because if she did this probably never would have happened at all. But obviously, she still wants to think about Bean as a little girl whose hurts can be cured by a kiss and a platitude.

Sorry Courtney, that isn’t the case when you’re the source of the pain to begin with. And your daughter isn’t a little kid who had her feelings hurt. She’s a woman who doesn’t deserve to be dragged into your nonsense, your gossip or your public meltdowns.

“Mommy loves you,” isn’t an apology and in this case, it’s just more proof that Frances Bean deserves better.

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