18 Bad-Ass Tattoos for Couples in Love

You can SAY I love you, or you can really show them you mean it. If you’re looking for that perfect way to show your significant other that they’re the sun to your moon, couple tattoos are right up your alley. The best thing about these tattoos is that even if the relationships ends, they’re still amazing on their own! Getting someone’s named tattooed on your body isn’t the best idea. But matching couple tattoos will stand the test of time. Even if the relationship doesn’t!

Couple tattoos can be obvious, or subtle. They can also be ridiculously adorable, like these pieces from Up.


I’m sorry, that’s just too cute for words. Ellie and Carl Fredricksen are always couple goals.

You can honor a place you both love, or somewhere that has significance in your relationship.


Matching tattoos of the place you met or one you love to visit together is a great idea.

You can incorporate your shared love of Disney.


When you find someone who is as obsessed with Disney as you are, you have to commemorate that relationship with a Disney-inspired tattoo. I think it’s the law.

This is a sweet idea, and not overly couple-ish.


On their own, both are very cute tattoos! When you see them together, you get the meaning.

Stop! Love this.


Look at those adorable little robots. I’d get that and I’m not even part of a couple.

This is a really unique idea.


Even if you break up, who’s going to know that isn’t your thumbprint? Brilliant.

The couple that games together, stays together.


Love this one! Again, when you see them separately, they just look like cute video game-inspired tattoos. But together, they take on a whole new meaning.

The key to their heart.


The key and lock is a great symbol for a couple tattoo!

This one is just so pretty.


Stag and doe, stag and stag, doe and doe, so many options!

Simple, but beautiful.


I think my favorite couple tattoos are the ones that aren’t in-your-face couple-ish. Like this bow and arrow, so sweet!

Um, obsessed with this.


Bob and Linda! More couple goals. I’d get both of these, my very own couple tattoo with myself.

The King and Queen symbols are also really popular couple tattoos.


Cards, crowns, letters, words, you can go a lot of ways with this one.

Oh good gravy, how cute is this?


Would also make an excellent best friends tattoo!

Another one for the Disney-loving couple.


Looks like he got Belle, and she got Beast. Nice way to change things up!

Nothing goes together like peanut butter and jelly.


This peanut butter and jelly sandwich tattoo is perfect.

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A piece of their puzzle.


Fits together perfectly, doesn’t it?

Or, a slice of their pie.


I really dig the food-related couple tattoos. Because food brings us all together, right?

This is actually incredibly beautiful.


It’s so, so simple, just black lines. But the spaces can only be filled with the other person’s arms. Wow.

Do you and your partner have a couple tattoo that you want to share? We’d love to see it! I’ll just be over here planning a few of these on myself, to celebrate my relationship with … me.

(Image: Instagram / noivachoque)

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