For The Last Time, Pets And Children Are Not The Same Thing

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Then I began dating the future father of my children. Again, she warmed up to him a little, but hated his six-year-old daughter. This was a little girl who loved animals, too — not some kid who pulls tails and terrorizes them. For the five years we lived together in Brooklyn, that cat would routinely terrorize my step daughter when she came over for visits; chasing her, swatting at her, trapping her in her room at times. It was ridiculous.

Then we had a child together. My cat never swatted at him when he was an infant, just came around sniffing and hissing. Same thing happened with our second child. Kid number one is essentially terrified of the cat and kid number two has already started yelling “no!” when the cat comes near her because she’s been scratched several times.

Back to this ridiculous ad:

You wouldn’t do this to a child, it’s not acceptable to do to an animal! If you can’t dedicate 10-15 years to a animal, don’t get one. Giving an animal up should be a last resort action, based on unforeseen circumstances beyond your control or ability to change. Animals are not things to be disposed of like a toy that no longer interests your child, a hobby that takes too much time, or a family member that all the sudden is inconvenient.
I would call a pet trying to harm your child a circumstance beyond your control. Yes, I knew my cat was an asshole before I had kids. Should I have not had kids so my cat could live out her years in bliss? Nope. Sorry. Not willing to derail my whole life-plan because I have a cat who wants to be alone with me 24/7. And I know there are going to be a ton of people calling me a horrible human, because whenever someone admits they love their children more than their pets — the internet explodes. 
Whatever. I love my kids more than my cat. If I could find an adult cat a decent home I would. So screw this couple, screw this ad, and screw anyone who thinks that rehoming pets is an easy decision. Sancti-pet-owners are worse than Sanctimommies any day. Stop judging families whose situation you know nothing about. 
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