Woman Spends 13 Years Of Her Life Pregnant, So Far

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shutterstock_73524859__1382128966_142.196.156.251A California couple gave birth to their 17th child this week. That means the woman has spent over 13 years of her life pregnant. Wrap your head around that for a minute.

The couple, Chrisi and Dave Cason, haven’t ruled out having more children because they don’t believe in global warning or carbon footprints. Well, I sort of added that part:

“It’s an amazing experience – I cry every time. Vaughn is our second largest baby and we love him just as much as all the others.

Christi and Dave, from Lake Elsinore, California, are already parents to Dalton, 20, Austin, 18, Bailey, 16, Gage, 15, Kaylee, 13, Harper, 12, Emma, 11, Rebekah, nine, Trevor, eight, Walker, seven, Morgan, six, Laura, five, Sawyer, three, and Nathaniel, two – and Christi’s two children from a previous relationship, Jessica, 23, and Chad, 21.

My first pregnancy was pretty easy – physically. It was exciting and all the things I was experiencing – whether good or bad – were new. My second pregnancy seemed to last forever. The novelty of being pregnant kind of wore off quick. I felt big, and slow – and I just really wanted to be able to pick up my toddler. While we’re on that topic, can you imagine being pregnant with over a dozen kids to take care of? No? Me either. Christi did that five times.

I really don’t think it’s the best idea to have as many children as your body allows. Can you imagine if everyone did that? The world as we know it would come to an end even sooner than it’s going to already. Maybe they live on a farm and grow all of their own food or something. Oh, no they don’t:

The family eat up to 16 boxes of cereal and eight loaves of bread a week, guzzling two gallons of milk per day. They eat their meals around a 11ft long table.

And the family’s weekly shop includes 14 gallons of milk, 8kg of hamburger meat, 7lb of chicken and three-dozen eggs.


“I hope people don’t judge us. We know we can afford a 17th child and all the children get loads of love and attention,” said Christi.

17 children? I’m sorry, I can’t help it. I’m judging you.

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