This Couple Got Married In The Most Romantic Place On Earth: The Costco Frozen Food Section

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 19.02.58This Santa Monica couple would make a set of very excellent parents, because they just held their wedding in the place they will spend most of the rest of their marriage: The frozen foods section of a Costco.

While it might be some time before Robert and Meredith Bonilla find themselves spending all their money on frozen nuggets, waffles, and Bagel Bites, they are getting practice in already, because according to The Daily Meal they just joined their union permanently in front of friends, family, and an eight-month supply of mini quiches.

The Bonillas said they wanted to marry at the Costco because the frozen food section is where they first met. The idea was so romantic they built themselves an altar made of wooden pallets, lined the aisle with poinsettias, and held a wedding. The bride even wore a strapless wedding gown, even though the frozen food section at Costco is cold.

After the wedding, they enjoyed a table full of Costco cakes and a brief honeymoon in the furniture section, where they shared a relaxing lounge in a double-wide recliner. I can only hope that the wedding food was handed out at sample stations, because at least 20 percent of the fun of Costco is the sample stations.

Now that I think of it, Costco is not a bad place to get married. They have diamond rings, furniture, flowers, invitations, all the wine and liquor in the world, passed hors d’oeuvres, salmon and chicken, and everything else you could need for a wedding. You could get engaged and married without ever having to leave the warehouse. (Actually, Costco sells funeral supplies, too. So you basically never, ever have to leave.)

Check out the most romantic wedding of the year here:

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