Cool Treats To Beat The Heat

During this crazy heat wave I’ve been letting my kids (and myself) eat popsicles non-stop and, I must say, I had forgotten just how refreshing and awesome they can be. There’s something about eating these frozen treats that transports me right back to my youth. I can remember being a kid and pouring orange juice into those super-thick plastic popsicle molds and waiting excitedly for them to freeze (we’d also go a bit ghetto in my house and fill an ice-cube tray with OJ, cover it with tin foil and then stick little toothpicks into each individual square for mini-popsicle cubes).

These days, there are so many cool and design-savvy options for making your own popsicles, from stainless-steel molds (way safer than those 1980s plastic ones) to a clever little machine that’ll freeze your pops in just seven minutes (I know, where were those when we were eight?). Scroll through for some of the coolest options out there. And remember: you can get as creative as you’d like with filling these suckers. In my house, however, we stick with plain old Tropicana (I’ve never been much of a chef). Enjoy!


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