Cool Dad Saves Halloween, Takes 3-Year-Old Trick-or-Treating on Airplane

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Flying on Christmas and Thanksgiving absolutely sucks, because not only are you missing all the fun stuff, you’re stuck in a metal tube with several hundred people who are grumpy about missing the fun stuff. Flying during Halloween is less of a big deal, unless you’re a little kid who is upset about having to miss Trick-or-Treating. It’s sad to miss Halloween, especially since kids only get so many times to Trick-or-Treat before they become teenagers and people start telling them to get off their lawns. This week one 3-year-old girl was sad about missing Halloween because she had to be on an airplane that night, and her dad saved the day by arranging a Trick-or-Treat on the plane for her.

Twitter user Stephanie Kahan says she was flying from Boston to San Francisco last night when a father passed out candy to everyone on the flight so his 3-year-old daughter could Trick or Treat.

Boston to San Francisco is a long flight for anybody, especially a 3-year-old girl who wanted to go Trick or Treating. So her father passed out pieces of candy, along with a note saying that if they were willing to participate, to please put the candy in the little girl’s basket when she came by. That’s so sweet.

She was dressed as a doughnut. I can’t deal with all the feelings about this. It’s just too cute. A 3-year-old girl dressed as a doughnut went trick-or-treating on the airplane on Halloween. So cute.

The little girl is adorable, and the other passengers were very sweet to help her out. They saved this little girl’s Halloween, and probably made the night of quite a few other passengers as well.