Cool Aunt Kendall Jenner Gave North West a STEM-Themed Birthday Present You’re Going to Want to Copy

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North West has everything. She had Hermes shoes before she could walk, she colors on Kelly bags, and she still carries Frozen luggage and wears Disney princess dresses because she’s a four-year-old, and four-year-olds prefer Sleeping Beauty to Gucci. It’s tough to buy presents for a kid that already has everything–she even got a puppy! And she named it Sushi!–but Kendall Jenner just surprised everyone by knocking it out of the park with a creative, STEM-themed birthday present that should go right on Pinterest for all other Cool Aunts to copy.

According to Elle, North West celebrated her fourth birthday last week with a joint party with her cousin Penelope, and it looks like a pretty fantastic time. It had a Moana theme, and Moana was there and they even had a petting zoo with pigs. It was very cute, and they all surely got some fancy presents that would make your eyes spin. The best present, though, is probably this cool, homemade science kit from Kendall Jenner, which Kim showed on Snapchat.

It kind of seems like Kim wants to play with it. Hell, I want to play with it, too. You’re never too old to want to make a bowl of green slime out of household ingredients.

Kendall Jenner surprised everyone by giving North West something cool instead of a pink crystal pony or a $200 Prada paperclip. Instead, she gave North a copy of Smithsonian Maker Lab, a cool kid’s book supporting STEM education that has 28 cool science projects for kids to do. It has projects like how to make a lemon battery, a baking soda volcano, sticky slime, and lots more. It’s very well reviewed over on Amazon because not only is it really easy for kids to understand and get interested in, because it has lots of cool pictures and good, kid-friendly graphic design, but it also explains how and why everything works, so kids learn from their experiments and understand the principles behind them.

The book itself is pretty awesome, but the coolest thing about Jenner’s gift is that she (or an assistant) actually picked out some of the more-fun and age-appropriate projects from the book–bath fizzies, sticky slime, sugar crystal lollipops, and marshmallows–and assembled all the supplies and ingredients North would need to do them. So now she can do her projects without having to figure out how to acquire the components.

That’s so useful! I had tons of those “kid makers” books as a kid, and I rarely got to make any of the projects because it was like, “Well, I could make my own bath fizzies if I had glitter and soap molds … but I don’t. Le sigh.” Actually giving the supplies as kits is a great idea. It’s like a Blue Apron box, but for science experiments.

This is such a good idea. I don’t know a kid who wouldn’t love that present. It took a lot of time and thought to put together, too. I’m definitely stealing this for my next birthday party gift, if I don’t wind up stealing it for myself first.

(Image: Instagram / Kim Kardashian)