Mommyish Poll: Would You Get A Contraceptive Implant Immediately Following Birth?

contraceptive implantMothers interested in capping their fertility or perhaps ensuring some space between their children are up against some troubling numbers. Reuters reports that up to half of young women and teens who give birth are likely to get pregnant again within the year. Chalk this up to that trusty pull-out method or a couple missed appointments for that IUD, but the odds aren’t ideal for some ladies. So a recent study has suggested that following the birth of a baby, women should be offered a contraceptive implant before they depart the hospital.

Childbirth and an OBGYN appointment all packed into one. Wonder if a joint deal results in a discount?

To be clear, we’re not talking IUDs, but rather the only contraceptive implant available in the United States: Implanon. The tiny device that is described as no bigger than a matchstick is placed in her upper arm and slowly releases hormones. Although women typically have to wait a number of weeks following birth to get an IUD, this device can reportedly be popped in immediately following birth. Implanon is also reportedly safe for breastfeeding, despite a small amount of the hormone passing through through the breast milk — a tidbit that does give me pause.

Drawbacks at present appear to be irregular periods, along with a hefty fee ranging between $400 to $800. But factor in the cost of birth control, condoms, not to mention a year’s worth of additional diapers and a college fund, and the picture changes quite a bit.

The practice by hospitals could save new mothers an IUD appointment, while also allowing them to breastfeed without a constant worry for condoms. So would you do it?

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