Connie Britton Is The Coolest Celebrity Mom, And This Is Why

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Image: Instagram / @conniebritton

Surely, we all know by know that Connie was college roommates with United States Senator (and Democratic presidential candidate) Kirsten Gillibrand. There’s something so exciting about seeing how Connie lets this personal connection fire her up, both as a parent and as an activist. But what’s perhaps even cooler is that Britton has never over-done it here, and she certainly doesn’t make a habit of asking her high-ranking friend to pull strings for her. In fact, she’s notably only done so once, when her oversees adoption of son Yoby was being held up by bureaucratic red tape. While Connie does mention the friendship with some frequency over social media, it’s refreshing to know that mentions and occasional hang outs are as far as it goes.

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