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Reality Star Complains About Her Million Dollar Salary And Should Basically STFU

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uglyI use the word “star” in the loosest of terms but ok, fine. Kelly Cutrone, former TV “star” from The Hills, is in the news today for opining about how life is sooo hard on her meager salary of one million dollars a year. She lives in New York City and that barely covers her pricey nanny, parking fees, private school tuition and taxes, ya’ll! I am about to go cry a river for her but I need to bitch this out first.

I will concede that life in NYC for a parent is expensive as all get out even if you cut corners and I do understand that her business is based there and she likely has little choice in where to live. However, reading this quote from our pals at The Daily Mail temporarily blinded me with rage:

Ms Cutrone, who lives in New York’s swanky Soho neighborhood with her 12-year-old  daughter Ava, adds: ‘A nanny is like $60,000 to $70,000. I support my mom. A New York apartment, $8,000. A mortgage on my house, another $5,000 and $24,000 in taxes there. It’s $650 a month to park my car.’

A $70,000 nanny for a 12-year old? Besides summers, she is in school all day. This woman is paying someone a seriously rad amount of money for what basically amounts to a part-time job three quarters of the year. And who says she needs to live in a “swanky” neighborhood- how about downsizing? And she owns a house too? I can’t even. She could sell the house or find an apartment in a more reasonable neighborhood. Or how about ditching the car and using public transport in a city basically known for being a giant pain in the ass to navigate by car. Is she kidding with what she deems “necessary”?

She is very out of touch to not realize how this comes off to the average person plugging along in a middle-class American existence. Do you know what kind of life I could live on a million dollars a year? Only in her Manhattan bubble is it reasonable to pay tuition for a 12-year old in an amount that is more than many people’s yearly income. It is also acceptable to someone like her to pay the equivalent of two car payments in order to park her car every month. To the rest of us, this is purely insane and I seriously do not want to hear it. We all have problems, lady. I think most of the average earners in this country would kill to have hers.

Bottom line, even “stars” need to live within their means. If you want to live a pricey no-holds-barred life in Manhattan, fine. But don’t complain about how little a million dollars gets you when you could move elsewhere and be totally comfortable. I have the feeling Ms. Cutrone will find very few sympathizers while she complains about her million dollar salary.

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