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The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Pregnancy, Answered

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What are some common pregnancy complications?

Pregnant woman suffering with headache and nausea

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Mamas want to know what they’re in for so this is one of the common pregnancy questions. The Office On Women’s Health reports that complications are defined as health problems that can impact the mother, the baby, or both. If women have health problems before they get pregnant, the issues might show up during pregnancy. This can happen with things like migraines, thyroid disease, asthma, and diabetes. Other new common complications that could happen during pregnancy include high blood pressure, depression, anemia, ectopic pregnancy (when a fertilized egg implants outside of the uterus), and preterm labor. Miscarriage is also on the list. It is important to be aware of changes in your pregnancy and to know the symptoms of complications. If you suspect something could be up, speak to your doctor/gyno.

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