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The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Pregnancy, Answered

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How do I prevent stretch marks?

pregnant 37 weeks

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There are over 6.13 million Google search results on how to prevent pregnancy stretch marks, people. Stretch marks occur during any rapid form of weight gain or loss, which is why they’re common during pregnancy. What to Expect reports that 90 percent of women will experience love lines. They often show up between the 13th and 21st weeks of pregnancy on the hips, thighs, belly, breasts, and bum. Stretch marks can vary in color including pink, red, purple, tan, and brown. Staying well hydrated and keeping skin moisturized can help prevent stretch marks, per the American Pregnancy Association. There are lots of homemade stretch mark treatments and ready-made, mama-approved options. Exercise can also prevent stretch marks because it keeps the body elastic.

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