Common Baby Health Problems Parents Should Be Aware Of

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crying baby

Image: iStock / Halfpoint

Your baby is going to experience long bouts of crying. It’s unavoidable, though you may spend countless hours and sleepless night dreaming up ever more creative solutions to making it stop. However, sometimes an otherwise healthy baby may fuss or cry for more than three hours everyday. In that case, she’s likely developed colic, one of the common infant problems you’ve likely heard the most about. Colic usually appears between 4 to 6 weeks and goes away on its own by the time your baby reaches 4 months. Symptoms of colic include crying for no apparent reason (she’s not hungry, and her diaper isn’t wet for instance), the fits happen at generally the same time during the day, and she turns bright red during an episode. Of course, there are some measures you can take to soothe your baby in her colicky stage, like singing, rocking, swaddling, or taking her for a walk. Be sure to talk to your doctor if the crying is mixed with any other health issues. Otherwise try not to feel guilty or overly anxious. The colic will clear up on it’s own.

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