10 Comments From Josh Duggar’s Supporters That Will Make You Want To Punch Your Screen

The internet is abuzz today with the revelation that Josh Duggar allegedly molested multiple female family members. Most of it is outrage. Outrage at how his parents handled it, outrage at TLC for continuing to support the Duggars by airing their show and outrage at the Duggar lifestyle in general. Among all of that anger, sadly, are PLENTY of people who will not only continue to support Josh Duggar, but will vehemently defend him and excuse his vile actions because, Jesus. The most upsetting part of those speaking in his favor is how if it were someone who hadn’t found the Lord, they would be stringing them up and shouting their disapproval from the rooftops. The hypocrisy is strong here, my friends.

I have had people forwarding me webpages and Facebook pages since yesterday with the worst of it so I thought I would round them up here so we could all seethe together in the comfort of our comments section that (blessedly) always gets it right in matters such as this. You are my people and for that, I’m grateful:

1. He’s Just Curious!



Sure! Molesting minor females that are part of your family is TOTALLY normal experimentation and simply a result of innocent, teenage curiosity! Jesus Henry Christ.

2. He Was Just A Kid — Except He Wasn’t



He was 14 when this all started and the police report says one of the victims is STILL a minor today, which would make her all of pre-school aged 12 years ago when these events allegedly occurred. I’m sorry, but a 14 year old messing with a toddler or pre-schooler is not to be so easily forgiven and brushed aside. The 4-year old was a child in this situation. Not Josh.

3. We’ll Stand By You…Unless You’re Gay..Or Had An Abortion



You just know that most of the Duggar fan base holds similar views to the Duggars themselves, who are famous for pushing legislation to limit the rights of the LGBTQ community and choice for women. I find it hilarious (and by hilarious, I mean disgusting) that they’re so willing to forgive something as repulsive as molesting little girls because, JESUS FORGIVES. Shut the fuck up, honestly.

4. He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone So Let’s All Go Cast Stones At People



I find it truly heartwarming how forgiving and open the Duggar fans are now. Maybe they can apply that same attitude toward everyone else in the world instead of judging and condemning the sins of some and excusing the deplorable acts of others! No thank you, please!




First of all, accusations of alleged child molestation is not just a sin, you douchebag. IT’S A CRIME. A sin is like, starting longingly at your neighbor’s wife or some such bullshit. This is a crime that people do actual prison time for. Is this how these morons view murderers too? My goodness, get over it! Or, you know, I WON’T.

6. Blame The Media!



And there it is! Instead of focusing on the repulsive actions of our little Joshie, let’s condemn the media for bringing this awfulness to light. Glad we have our priorities straight. Even more glad to see the same “he was just curious!” line being bandied about as if child molestation were somehow a right of passage for a healthy, young man. Excuse me while I go vomit.

7. Guys, Molesting Kids Is A Non-Issue!



He wanted a better story, People magazine! Can’t you get a more hellacious tale other than a teen boy allegedly sexually abusing his own sisters?! It’s a non-issue! Jesus effing Christ, I am honestly fuming and terrified for the world we live in. Yes, we are ALL envious of this filth-pot of a family. Please, keep spewing your wisdom for us, idiot internet commenter.

8. Welp, No One’s Perfect!



Again with the not judging bullshit. Guess what? People’s actions are not ever guaranteed to be free of judgment and calling someone out as the defective, slime-ball criminal that they are is not judging — it’s fact! It absolutely SHOULD be in the news because obviously, until it became news, no one was doing anything to help his victims. I’m glad this news broke and I’m hoping it leads to some big changes. Least of all, the canceling of their TV show.

9. Stop Making Them Look Bad!



Hahahahahaha. First of all, why can’t Duggar fans spell? Second of all, guys, can’t you see what GRACE they handled this with? It got dug out by the press and now look at all the GRACE that surrounds them. And yes, by each others’ side. Those girls, hand in hand with their alleged attacker. Isn’t that fucking poetic. I’m in a rage spiral now, I apologize for my anger.

10. Blame Satan, Ya’ll!



There is a REASON those files are sealed and why would anyone want to bring it up now? Uhhh because it sounds like the right thing was not done at the time of the alleged incidents and some people actually care about victims of abuse! Nobody has a right to tell him anything? So, if he wants to go be a child molester now as long as he owes up to God eventually, he’s all good? For real, lady. STFU. A youthful transgression, sure. That’s all it is. Or, again — a fucking crime.

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