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This Scientist Thought It Was A Good Idea To Wear Soft-Core Porn Shirt To Comet Landing

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Today, Rosetta mission scientists at the European Space Agency are attempting to land a Philae robot on a comet. They were successful and the entire thing is being broadcast on a livestream, and it’s all pretty f*cking amazing because they just put A ROBOT on a COMET. One of the fancy scientist dudes on the live-stream just called it “a big step for civilization,” and while I have no idea how robots or comets work, I believe him. It’s awe-inspiring.

So it’s disappointing that the Project Scientist for the mission, Dr. Matt Taylor, showed up to such a momentous event wearing a shirt covered in sexy women in bikinis and leather pants brandishing guns. I mean, look at this thing:

Dr. Matt Taylor

Like, REALLY look at it:

Sexist shirt close up

Oh hey, here’s one more, because clearly this dude is PROUD of this thing.

matt taylor comet landing shirt 2

What in the ever-loving f**k was this guy thinking? You are landing a rocket on a comet, and THIS is how you show up to work?

As a mom, I want my daughters to be curious about science, especially because data shows a huge gender gap in science college majors and the scientific work force. At home I buy my girls Goldieblox and teach them that they can do anything and break down ALL THE BARRIERS!

And then a scientist – with a PHD – wears the polyester manifestation of a soft-core porno to a comet landing. I can’t even.

Look, I know it’s “just a shirt.” But when you live in a world of a billion “just a shirts” on a daily basis, they begin to add up to a much larger, clearer message: Get excited about science, girls! If you work hard, one might get to attend a comet landing… as a sexy bombshell on a scientist’s shirt.

At least one good thing – besides the comet landing – came of this today:

dt. taylor new shirt comet landing

Dr. Taylor changed his shirt.

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