Comedy Hour: Watch Courtney Stodden Explain ‘The Pumpkin Patch Incident’

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Earlier this week we wrote about Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchsion getting kicked out of an L.A. pumpkin patch for their public displays of affection. Oh, and for Stodden’s “offensive” attire. Not exactly “family-friendly,” if you catch my drift.

So now Stodden and her ancient husband will appear on Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers next Monday to discuss the incident. We caught a sneak peek of the episode and trust us when we say this is comedy at its finest. Honestly, the clip looks like a Saturday Night Live parody, with Stodden playing a trashier, more sexed-up version of herself.

Here’s what we learned from the clip:

  • Lots of people mistook Stodden for the “pumpkin patch girl” (i.e., a princess-like character hired by the company to stand amidst the pumpkins). “The dad loved it!” explains Stodden. (We’re sure he did.)
  • People asked to have their pictures taken with Stodden, who was clad in a Daisy Duke outfit.
  • A group of “concerned” moms went to the owners and said, “Get her out!” (“And their cleavage was hangin’ out quite a bit,” says Stodden of the concerned mom.)
  • After they got kicked out, Stodden and Hutchison bought five of their own pumpkins to create their own little pumpkin patch. That’s where they conveniently snapped the skanky photos that circulated the net and got people talking (surprise, surprise).

You must check out the clip below for a late-afternoon laugh. (Trust me, it’s worth it!) Be sure to catch Dr. Drew‘s facial expression (42 seconds in) when Stodden exclaims, “The dads loved it!”


(Photo/Video: Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers)