25+ Great Coloring Books For Kids That Encourages Learning

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Colour Blind

Coloring book, Coloring

Image: Etsy / Colourblindonline

The amazing concept for this coloring book was the brainchild of six-year-old Wynter-Tae Allen. Along with her mother, Tammy, they created a coloring book for children that celebrates the differences that each and every one of us holds. Children are encouraged to color and create characters in any way they see fit. In today’s diverse and multi-cultural world, this book honors that and encourages children to embrace everyone’s unique differences, whether it be race, culture, disability or anything else. Tammy is passionate about bringing her daughter’s vision alive and helping other parents to raise their children “colour blind” as well. Want to buy it? Get it from Colourblindonline on Etsy, $6.91

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