25+ Great Coloring Books For Kids That Encourages Learning

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North American Wildlife Coloring Book

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Image: Etsy / SarahLovellArt

This beautifully hand-illustrated coloring book is chock full of fun information about the wildlife that roams North America. From wolves to snakes, there are all kinds of different animals in this coloring book. Accompanying each coloring page are facts about that animal, not to mention spaces for children to draw their own versions of each animal. If your children love animals, or even if you are going on a camping trip, this would be a great resource to learn about many of the animals that live in the United States. A fun fact about this coloring book is that it is printed with biodegradable inks, making it great for the environment! Want to buy it? Get it from SarahLovellArt on Etsy, $7.67

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