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Colorado Wants To Require 10 Hours Of Marriage Education Before Wedding And I Say ‘Why Not?’

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53328962A proposed ballot initiative in Colorado would make 10 hours of marriage education classes  necessary for those who wished to wed. It’s being called the Colorado Marriage Education Act. While I adamantly believe that as an adult I’ve earned my right to make horrible relationship decisions without the state intervening – this may be a good idea.

Ten hours is bumped up to 20 if it’s your second marriage and 30 if it’s your third. From the Denver Post:

Proponents David Schel and Sharon Tekolian of California-based Kids Against Divorce say the intended purpose of the act is to “better prepare individuals going into marriage to fulfill their new roles as spouse and potentially as parent, to furthermore protect children given that marriage is the foundation of a family unit.”

What is this class going to cover? I’m intrigued. If I was teaching it, this would be my syllabus:

Hour one: Learning to nod your head in agreement when you really disagree; the key to a peaceful breakfast.

Hour two: How to replace the empty roll of toilet paper without having a rage-stroke; not everyone is equipped to handle paper products.

Hour three: Your mom bought me queen sized panty-hose for Christmas again, and it’s making me feel anger; effectively complaining about in-laws.

Hour four: You need boobs to get into the grocery store and other myths of marriage.

Hour five: I don’t shave my legs from October – March; revealing your true self to your partner without fear.

Hour six: I never found that sexy; dismantling untruths without hurting feelings.

Hour seven: That shirt looks like it came from a European Male catalog; effective and ineffective criticism.

Hour eight: I had no idea you had to wax that much; appearances vs. reality.

Hour nine: I’ll never wear a sexy French maid outfit in the kitchen again; the difference between courtship and commitment.

Hour ten: Your second spouse will be just as annoying; the laws of probability.

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