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I Pee In The Shower And So Do You, Stop Lying

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Shower drainBack when I was in college, my biggest concerns were figuring out how many classes I could skip without failing and what skimpy costume I was going to wear to the next fraternity party. Lucky for us, today’s college students are spending their parents’ money doing actual learning, like figuring out a super simple way to conserve tons of water.

British college students Chris Dobson and Debs Torr, from the University of East Anglia in Norwich, started the Go with the Flow campaign to encourage their fellow students to conserve water by peeing in the shower each morning rather than the toilet.

The Go with the Flow campaign is Dobson’s and Torr’s entry in the Npower Future Leaders Challenge, a competition where students create an original environmental initiative for their campus. Dobson and Torr are encouraging students to commit to the project via Facebook and Twitter and have gift certificates for the first few students who sign up.

Dobson and Torr have done research and claim there is no real hygiene risk of students peeing in the showers. By their estimate, if the student population of the school participated in the campaign, within one year the school would conserve enough water to fill an Olympic swimming pool over 26 times.

Hi, my name is Megan and I have a confession to make: I pee in the shower. Before you scream “Gross!” and tell me I can’t sit with you, hear me out. There are several reasons why I tinkle under the sprinkle. Right after I gave birth, standing up while relieving myself was easier for my poor, abused bladder and the warm water helped ease my discomfort.

After I had recovered somewhat, I continued to pee in the shower because it saves time when getting ready in the morning. My husband can be at the sink while I’m multi-tasking behind the curtain. This helps me seem mysterious and sexy.

Most recently, I pee in the shower because the child safety lock we have on all the toilets is really hard to get off. It makes this loud clicking noise when you finally get it to budge and I’m always afraid i’m going to accidentally snap it off, and then the kids will get into the toilet and drown before I can get a new one, so yeah, I pee in the shower to save lives. 

Speaking of kids, almost every mom I know laments about their offspring often springing leaks while in the tub. My own kids do it constantly. Next time it happens, instead of yelling and trying to bail out the infected water, let’s be proud of our kid’s accomplishments. Facebook video of pissing toddlers out to save the environment at the tender age of one? Edit that piece with Heal The World playing in the background, and I smell a viral sensation mixed in with the pungent scent of last night’s asparagus.

So thank you, Dobson and Torr, for raising awareness about the benefits of peeing in the shower. No longer will I be ashamed of going number one while I shampoo my hair. I am not gross. I am environmentalist. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go hop in the shower. I also have to pee. Why, how convenient.

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