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9 Ways That College Life Prepares You To Be A Stay-At-Home Mom

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Good news, stay-at-home moms! Remember how you thought that you spent all those years and all of that money getting a college degree that you’re not using? Well, you’re wrong. When you really think about it (and we did) there are a lot of ways that college life prepared you for staying at home with the kids.

1. You’ve cleaned up vomit before.



Remember those parties where you had to clean-up your best friend’s vomit? Where vomit arrived at unexpected times and in unexpected places? Welcome to life with a baby..

2. Mac and cheese is still a staple.



You loved it then, your kid loves it now. At this point, you could make macaroni and cheese in the dark, folks.

3. Those red solo cups are always handy.


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You used them to play beer pong. Your baby uses them to play…cup. Either way, they are extremely useful to have around.

4. You’re going everywhere in your college sweatshirt and pajama pants.



Getting dressed is the worst when you’re hungover and/or exhausted.

5. You’ve shown up completely unprepared again.

oh no


You never could crack open those textbooks till the night before the exam. And no matter how much reading you do about having a baby, you’re never going to be prepared for that, either. It’s an F for everyone!

6. You’re used to endless arguments that go nowhere.

shut up


Getting your drunk friend out of a fountain is just a preview of what it’s like trying to get a toddler to put on pants.

7. You know all about all-nighters.



The all-nighters you pull in college are like the introductory course to the all-nighters you pull with a baby, which is the advanced level.

8. You have to relearn everything they taught you in high school.



In college, they tend to assume that there’s a lot of stuff you already know from high school. Usually, they are incorrect. Your kids will also expect you to know something about American history, for example, or algebra. Once again, they will be mistaken.

9. You get exposed to a lot of genitalia.



Streaking, truth or dare, forgetfulness — there are a lot of reasons why someone might have their junk exposed in college. Then you have a baby, and you gain a familiarity with other people’s genitals that you’ve never had before because of either a) good manners or b) a bad angle.

See? And you thought you were thousands of dollars in debt for nothing. Pshaw.