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For The Love Of All That Is Holy, Will Someone Please Get Cokie Roberts Some Damn Applebees?!

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As my children will happily inform you, sometimes I’m not so great at this here internet machine. So it is with upmost joy that I just discovered that NPR’s Cokie Roberts is also not so good at this here internet machine. Because she keeps trying to find Applebee’s. On Twitter.


Won’t someone please take her to the nearest Applebee’s and buy her a dessert shooter? Like now? That’s all us moms really want, is to go to the nearest damn Applebee’s and buy ourselves a damn dessert that is not as big as a normal dessert, but that fits into a cute little shot glass. She may be a bestselling author and and the recipient of the Edward R. Murrow award, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have internet issues like the rest of us. And a hankering for some delicious miniature desserts.