Man Faces Rape Charges But First Texts Victim’s Mom Begging Her Not To Call Cops

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shutterstock_109897406-1__1376480848_74.134.205.46Cody J. Everhart, age 22, is facing faces two counts of first-degree statutory rape and one count of forcible rape in an attack against a 13-year-old girl in Lee’s Summit. This is a horrible story and I know we discuss rape and child abuse a lot on Mommyish, and there is never any answer to these problems. We talk about teaching our boys not to rape and how we can teach our daughter’s (and sons) how not to become victims of sexual assault, but every day it seems like there is another one (usually more) of these awful news stories that make us all want to relocate and hide in caves. But this story is a bit different, because the alleged rapist in this case actually had the nerve to send texts to the victim’s mom. From Kansas

According to court records:

Everhart knocked on the girl’s window early Saturday after her mother had gone to work. Everhart allegedly asked if she wanted to go somewhere with him. The girl declined.

She let Everhart inside to use the restroom. Before leaving the bathroom, Everhart allegedly took off his shirt and unfasten his pants. Everhart allegedly grabbed the girl and threw her down on a bed and had sexual intercourse with her against her will. The girl struggled to get free and then hid in the bathroom. Once Everhart left, the girl ran to a friend’s house.

After the girl told her mom what happened her mother received texts from Everhart:

  “Omg im so sorry…it was the biggest mistake IV ever made plz I’m sorry plz don’t call the cops…. Ihave kids…plz I will do whatever u want I’m so sorry,” according to court records. “Plz call me mam I’m so scared right now I feel like my whole world is gona crash dwon on me…”


Yeah, because after assaulting a woman’s daughter she will totally forgive everything that happened with some heavily typo’d panicky text messages. Prosecutors have requested a bond of $250,000.

What did he expect would happen? The mom would just text him back “Sure, no prob, yolo.” Unfreakin’real. There is no word on how he got the mom’s cell phone number, but he, of course, had to blame all this on his victim:

When interviewed by police, Everhart allegedly said the girl invited him over to “make out,” and that he knew she was 13.

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