My Daughter Is Almost Five And We Still Co-Sleep

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Like many other aspects of my parenting, I tend to be private about our co-sleeping. It really is nobody’s business. However, I will occasionally speak about it when the topic presents itself. I definitely do not hide it. I do get “looks” or comments from others when I tell them about our arrangement. I tend to not let it bother me. When it comes to family, it is what works for us. And that is all that really matters. My daughter will let us know when she is ready to go back into her own room. It is not going to be forever.

My daughter will be turning five this year. We recently had the conversation about going into her big girl bed full time. She said she would give it a try as long as I lay next to her until she falls asleep. She has done a good job with it; although she still joins me in my bed at around midnight. I don’t mind. We can be roommates for a bit longer.  I will always be here. For as long as she needs me to be.

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