25 Secrets Moms Who Co-Sleep Want To You To Understand

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And Cry-It-Out is harder than we thought

baby crying in crib

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When you were pregnant with your first child, you heard of the Ferber method, better known as the Cry-It-Out method of sleep training. Theoretically, it seemed easy enough. Your baby will adjust for a few days, cry a bit until they got used to sleeping through the night in their crib and eventually their toddler bed. However, you never knew how sleep deprived you would become from the first days of waking up constantly from your baby cries. Also, you never knew how emotionally hard it would be. These are not normal cries. Your baby is screaming from the top of their lungs because they are in the crib alone and Mommy is nowhere in sight. You begin to feel bad for your distressed baby, so back in the bed with Mommy they go. They will be ready to sleep in their bed on their own when they’re older.

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