‘Clueless’ Cast: Then And Now, Through The Years

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So, uh, what’s Stacey Dash been up to these days?

Image: Instagram/@gordeinanma

Well, hmmmm. Where … do we start? After Clueless came out in 1995, Stacey Dash starred in the TV series of the same name. She did some other TV work and also hosted her own (short-lived) talk show. But somewhere along the line, she became more well-known for her politics and absurd beliefs. Dash is a conservative Republican, which is rare in Hollywood, and even rarer for a woman of color. She claims to have been blacklisted by Hollywood because of her views. But, when you say stuff like transgender people should pee in bushes and Black History Month should be abolished, it’s not surprising. In 2018, she announced plans to run for Congress in California, but withdrew her campaign a short time later.

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