‘Clueless’ Cast: Then And Now, Through The Years

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Josh fell in love with his step-sister in Clueless, and we all fell in love with Paul Rudd.

Image: Instagram/@paulrudditalia

OK, in his defense, Cher was his EX-step-sister. Still a little weird? But not, like, Maury Povich weird. Paul Rudd played too-cool-for-school college student Josh, always around to annoy Cher or criticize her lifestyle. But we quickly realized that Josh was a good dude, right around the time Cher realized the same and caught feelings for him. Paul acted a bit before being cast in Clueless, but nothing came close to what happened after the movie. There’s a good chance Paul Rudd was your first real crush, and trust us when we say that you are in good company there.

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