‘Clueless’ Cast: Then And Now, Through The Years

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Elton was the super rich and arrogant guy you knew you shouldn’t like, but couldn’t help falling for.

Image: Instagram/@snacc__central

Ugh, Elton. Sooooooo dreamy and sophisticated, but such a cad. Being cast as Elton in Clueless was pretty much Jeremy Sisto’s big break, and we can see why! He played the aloof rich kid with such arrogance and detachment, but made him lovable and detestable at the same time. Cher was clueless (heh) about Elton’s intentions, tried to set him up with Tai, and when he rejected her because she wasn’t as rich as him, we definitely saw his true colors. But before that he asked to a picture of Tai to hang in his locker and helped her when she got knocked out by a shoe! That “Rollin’ with the Homies” scene is adorable. In the end, he ended up with Amber, which seems fitting.

Nowadays, Jeremy Sisto is one of the hardest working guys in show biz.

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