This Clever Chain Reaction Gender Reveal Is Jaw-Dropping

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Facebook / Dude Dad Vlog

Gender reveals are one of the more fun (and trendy) things about expecting a baby these days. Those who opt to find out the sex of their baby before birth often decide to tell their family and friends the news in creative ways. Some cut into cake that is pink or blue on the inside, some release pink or blue balloons from a box, and some sports-loving parents hit a baseball that explodes and sends a plume of blue or pink smoke skyward . But as cool as those reveals are, one dad-to-be can now proclaim himself King of the Gender Reveals after creating an insanely intricate Rube Goldberg machine that announced his baby’s sex.

In a video uploaded to the Dude Dad Vlog Facebook page, Taylor Calmus explained that the machine’s purpose was to reveal the sex of his first born son’s little brother or sister. He went on to say that it took him and his best friends three days to set the entire thing up. Miraculously, his wife (who is standing next to him) did not smack him or even roll her eyes.

Big Brother Theo started the machine in motion by knocking his sippy cup out of his crib. What followed was a mind-blowing chain reaction that traveled throughout Calmus’s entire multi-level house in just under two minutes. From a spinning bottle of baby powder that knocked a child’s xylophone down a ramp to toy race cars triggered by the opening of a baby gate, Calmus and his friends showed incredible ingenuity when constructing the gender reveal.

The final chain reaction included more than a dozen cassette tapes, a bike, and a leaf blower. My favorite part of the video was just before the baby’s sex was revealed. As the camera panned to the left to show the Calmus family waiting in front of the leaf blower, Calmus’s wife stood with her hands on her hips and an expression that says, “Can this please hurry up, I have a baby pressing on my bladder.”

At least she now knows the sex of that little bladder-sitter.