30 Clean-Eating Recipes That The Whole Family Will Enjoy—Even The Kids!

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Slow-cooker teriyaki chicken bowls are the perfect make-ahead meal for the week.

A big part of clean-eating is meal prep; you don’t want to be caught unprepared after a busy day, scrambling to pull something together. That’s why we love the clean-eating recipes that allow you to do the bulk of the work ahead of time, and just assemble with very little work at dinnertime. These slow-cooker teriyaki chicken bowls from Foodie Crush are awesome. Using their recipe for slow-cooker teriyaki chicken that you can make ahead, you can quickly stir-fry some whatever veggies you have in the fridge, and serve them with the chicken over rice. Or better yet, make a big batch of cauliflower fried rice at the beginning of the week, and just heat and serve together.

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